Have You Had Botox Injected to Your Brain?

“니 뇌는 보톡스를 맞았냐, 주름도 없을거다, 뭐 그 얘기잖아요?” Have you had Botox injected to your brain, it’s so wrinkle-free? Chapter 1, <You Who Came from the Stars> 별에서 온 그대 This is to show you how to use Learn Korean Through K-Dramas. As you begin reading the texts, you can watch Youtube by clicking […]

A Funny Dokkaebi Story

<Learn Korean Through K-Dramas> is giving cultural insights into Korea rather than just try to teach Korean language. “The Wenny Old Man,” one of traditional Korean folklore tales, is included in Goblin (Dokkebi), or Chapter 3 of the book. Like an Aesop fable, the story is funny and interesting, divulging greedy and jealous aspects of […]